Available for download through the Play withSIX
The premier downloader, updater and game management tool for the ARMA2 series, powered by a world-wide mirror network; Six Networks and Community provided servers.
First, please download and install the software.
Then read below for usage instructions:
  1. Make sure you have the ARMA 2 Combined Operations (v1.62 or newer) (ARMA 2 Original and Operation Arrowhead expansion) installed
  2. Steam users: Run the game at least once through the Steam launcher as Administrator
  1. Run Play withSIX, and select DayZ mod
  2. Activate the Server Browser by clicking the arrow in the MultiPlayer/SinglePlayer block
  3. Select a server and click Join
  1. Please refer to the Play withSIX Support section. There's also the Six Updater DayZ forums thread.
  2. Play withSIX, Click and Play, launch DayZ the easy way!